Supporting HFF Munich Students Film Project “Die Nacht vor Morgen”

Supporting HFF Munich Students “Die Nacht vor Morgen” – It was a special pleasure for us to participate in this short film. We met many old and new friends. In addition we have learned a lot about conventional film shooting.

This film was made in cooperation with Maverick Film and the HFF Munich.

We are looking forward to further cooperation and love Supporting HFF Munich Students!

Once upon a time there were a few young people who wanted to make a film.
And had really good equipment.
And of course great masks.
They even set the time.
As they needed it.
And sometimes it is enough just to watch a movie.
And really, the sky’s the limit.
Closure and the film crew
About the movie:

One more night to finish his application for the art school. Jonas is tired. Would be nice if that was his only problem… It will be a very, very long night.

Tobias Schormann, Christian Löber, Matthias Kupfer, Sue Lemke, Lilly Gropper

Written and directed by: Henning Pulß
Image design: Holger Jungsnickel
Music: Ina Meredi Arakelian
Production Designer: Alexander Florea
Costume design: Sophia Lindner
Mask picture: Judith Lemma
Lighting design: Benedikt Haas
Sound design: Timo Baer & Lukas Baier

More information about the film: Link

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