Support for HFF Munich Students Film Project “Fremde”

Support for HFF Munich Students – Together with Michael Radeck, we supported students of the HFF (University of Television and Film) during the shooting with our drone technology.

Left: Holger Jungnickel
Top: Cagatay Oezbay
Bottom Right: Michael Radeck
Left: Holger Jungnickel Top: Cagatay Oezbay Right: Michael Radeck
Briefing and the first preparations of the equipment
Left: Holger Jungnickel
Middle: Michael Radeck
Right: Cagatay Oezbay
Left: Holger Jungnickel Center: Michael Radeck Right: Cagatay Oezbay
Preparation and last checks of the equipment

For this project our big Octacopter is finally being used again. The film will be shown in the cinema afterwards. For this reason a good and heavy equipment is used. Hence the drone with the biggest payload we can offer.

Weather Check Michael Radeck
Michael Radeck (right) checks the weather before the flight

We went to the mission site relatively early. Also the weather conditions had to fit. Especially because we needed the fog for the shooting. After a few drops of rain, which delayed our launch a bit, we took off with the DJI Mavic Pro to test the actual flight and the nature of the fog. Right after that we started with the “Big Octa”.

David and Goliath
Ready for action (David and Goliath)
A little bit about the feature film:

Marie lives with her father and her little brother in the forest in a bunker underground. The world as we knew it no longer exists. When the father accidentally shoots a stranger while hunting, he has only two options. Marie knows that too. At home, she takes care of the unconscious man. While the father distrusts the stranger, Marie approaches him. For her, the supposed home is a prison from which she wants to break out, and the stranger might be able to help her. But when three marauders enter the bunker, Marie is no longer sure what her new friend is really up to.

The support for students of the HFF Munich was a matter of honor for us. We are looking forward to further cooperation.

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