KanDao Obsidian R Test

Thanks to the cooperation with Kevin Muller there is a KanDao Obsidian R test available today. We test the different exposure times at sunrise.


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Here we go with the KanDao Obsidian R Sunrise Test – Special Thanks to Kevin Muller!
Since the POE connection is used for both power and network, we can plug the KanDao camera into our switch.
This way we have a stable connection to our fiber optic network and thus to our 5G wireless connection.
Just install the latest updates …
… and you are ready to go.
It is necessary to use HighSpeed microSD cards, because the 360° material has to record large amounts of data relatively fast with 6 lenses 4k resolution each.
Here’s a powerbank, a homemade battery indicator from Michael Radeck’s 3D printer and a wireless hotspot module to connect the camera to our smartphone.
This is what it looks like when you record.
Was a good warm up. Now it goes straight to the first project.

All in all, it is a very good all in one semi professional camera with which you can create stereoscopic 360 degree images relatively quickly. We didn’t really like the in-house stitching software because of the very poor response time. At this point we can recommend working with Mistika VR. At least we have had relatively positive experiences with it.

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