Bavarian Sunrise Tour and our first Drone Crash

Bavarian Sunrise Tour – Michael Radeck and Cagatay Oezbay have decided to use the winter time to photograph Bavaria from different perspectives, primarily from the air.

As a Bavarian company, it is a particular pleasure for us to realize projects in Bavaria. Starting with the magnificent mountains, the beautiful rivers and the wonderful lakes. This time we have realized this for ourselves free of charge. Not quite true. One drone (the DJI Mavic Pro) fell by the wayside. Nevertheless it was an action-packed tour with lots of fun and joy.

Since the golden hour is close to both gentlemen’s hearts, they started relatively early and made their way to the mountains.
Where do you have a better view than at the German weather service?
The stream has quite an interesting shape from the air.
Sometimes you just have to look at things from a distance.
And sometimes you have to look at things up close.

But you should still keep a certain distance. Or …


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Unfortunately you will now witness the first drone accident of COEZBAY GMBH
Poor DJI Mavic Pro… Had his leg torn out.
Fortunately, a DJI Care package was purchased. So we were looking forward to the replacement soon and the conventional cameras were used.

The Bavarian Sunrise Tour was a successful change. We thank our team member Michael Radeck for this idea and for his commitment. We learned a lot about drone technologies, weather and safety precautions when working with drones.

Founded in 2016, COEZBAY has set itself the goal of providing unique services and consulting in the areas of photogrammetry, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, professional 360° aerial and ground surveys, 3D and Thermal Scannings as well as 3D visualization services under one roof. The expertise spans more than 40 industries and all divisions, creating new solutions in an increasingly challenging digital world.

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