Drone flight at night with the right light

Drone flight at night with the right light? Aight! In some federal states not licensable and generally you are not allowed to fly after dark. If you want to start the copter after sunset, you need a good reason, an ascent permit and correct lighting. Flying at night just for fun is not possible and also endangers the insurance coverage. You can get an ascent permit from the responsible aviation authority. But just if you have a good reason for flying at night. Just as we received one for our UseCase.

From the Left: Our two actors, Michael Radeck and Alexander Gerner

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No, it’s not a UFO It’s our Drone with the special night flight lighting

Just like airplanes, copters should also carry position lights and collision warning lights during a Drone flight at night. Or in other words this is what you need for a Drone flight at night with the right light:

Red light that shines unobstructed from just ahead to the left over an angle of 110 degrees up and down;

Green light that shines unobstructed from directly ahead to the right over an angle of 110 degrees up and down;

White light that shines unobstructed from just behind to the left and to the right. Over an angle of 70 degrees up and down.

The position lamps may be either continuous or flashing and shall have a prescribed intensity.
The red and green light must be at least 5 candelas and the white tail light at least 3 candelas. The legal requirements for position and collision warning lights can be found at the DSF “German Air Traffic Control“.

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