VR Project for BGE Federal company for radioactive waste disposal

BGE‘s task is the implementation of site selection procedures for a repository, especially for heat-generating radioactive waste. Additionally, the BGE is operator of the Asse II shaft mine, the Konrad final repository and the Morsleben final repository. It was a special pleasure for us to realize the VR Project for BGE Federal company for radioactive waste disposal.

Our task was to make the underground rooms virtually accessible for various applications. Radioactivity and the life-threatening environment, made us use laser scan data to create the virtual scenes. We optimized the data and prepared it for real-time use. Then we started the programming work, which was simultaneously accompanied by the visual experience.

Real-time exposure posed a particular challenge because it is usually very dark underground. For this reason, we used a lot of artificial real-time lighting, which we have individually adapted to each room. We also adjusted many textures to reflect the realism of the scenery.

We realized this project in cooperation with the Team of BGE and Greenpost GmbH. While we took care of the content, it was the task of Greenpost GmbH to program the hardware solution and the interfaces.

Some impressions of the VR Project for BGE Federal company for radioactive waste disposal.
Left: Cagatay Oezbay Right: Thomas Harbers Greenpost GmbH
Our Equipment
Final Equipment for the VR Solution
Right: Claus Mindermann is presenting the VR Solution
The first testers are having fun in Virtual Reality
The choice of VR glasses fell on the HTC Vive glasses. Many HTC Vive glasses.
And many people who will use them.
The VR solution is primarily used for presentation purposes. Here a sample.
In this project we not only found new customers but also friends.
We thank you for the great cooperation and for the great gift.
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