animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2019

The animago AWARD & CONFERENCE is a worldwide renowned competition in the field of 3d animation & still, visual effects, visualization & design since 1997. So far more than 23,000 projects have taken the challenge of comparing themselves.

Due to deadlines we unfortunately made it very late to the animago AWARD & CONFERENCE this year. Nevertheless we were able to meet some good old friends.

Here are some pictures with our friends at the animago AWARD & CONFERENCE 2019

Left: Cagatay Oezbay Right: Bela Beier

Bela Beier is editor-in-chief of Digital Production and has been the editorial head of the magazine for many years.

Left: Bela Beier Center: Gottfried Hofmann Right: Cagatay Oezbay

Gottfried Hofmann is a friend and Blender user since version 2.50 Alpha 0. He stumbled upon this amazing program when he learned that it is capable of smoke simulations. Shortly afterwards he started to create tutorials about smoke simulation, which turned out to be very popular. As a result he decided to create his own tutorial page with Frederik Steinmetz: Blender Diplom.

Left: Mike Kuhn Center: Cagatay Oezbay Right: Nils Calles

Mike Kuhn’s specialties are 3ds Max, extremely colorful Hawaiian shirts, training on all kinds of 3D topics and an encyclopedic knowledge of the entire 3dsMax ecosystem. Furthermore, he is a good friend with whom we enjoy meeting and exchanging ideas.

Nils Calles, also a longtime friend, runs a media agency in Mannheim, where he produces trailers, motion graphics, image films, tutorials and 36O degree websites.

Founded in 2016, COEZBAY has set itself the goal of providing unique services and consulting in the areas of photogrammetry, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, professional 360° aerial and ground surveys, 3D and Thermal Scannings as well as 3D visualization services under one roof. The expertise spans more than 40 industries and all divisions, creating new solutions in an increasingly challenging digital world.

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