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IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce), the regionally organized institution in Germany, built of cross-sector associations of business enterprises has posted an editorial article about us.

Since the foundation of COEZBAY GMBH we are in direct contact with the IHK. In the last years we have visited many of the events personally and also participated online. We can recommend the direct contact with the IHK to everyone who has questions concerning self-employment or foundation.

IHK employees are also available personally at any time during regular working hours. For this reason, it is also possible to simply call the respective department for advice in case of spontaneous incidents or inquiries.

This is why the website of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce is always a good place to go before you go into action. We ourselves have not taken up the offer of start-up assistance. However, you don’t have to miss out on it if it can make it easier to get started.

Even though it can be useful to teach yourself everything yourself, you can save unnecessary costs. Especially when you realize that you have to pay the IHK fees anyway, as soon as you found an official company in Germany.

We thank the IHK Munich and Upper Bavaria for the contribution and are happy to provide you with the links and content of the IHK Magazine Munich Upper Bavaria here on our blog. Above all special thanks to the Author Josef Stelzer.

COEZBAY GMBH made it into the September Issue of the IHK Magazine for Munich and Upper Bavaria
The article within the IHK Magazine for Munich and Upper Bavaria

The text passage of the IHK Magazine Munich contribution in English:

Whole areas for hours without electricity. The reason? The cable was cut by an excavator. This happens very often with gas pipelines and other supply networks as well.

Mixed reality headsets with integrated motion sensors and headphones can see at a glance, where excavations permitted and where not. This is an huge advantage for engineers or construction workers. “By using geographical data of the underground pipelines, mixed reality helps to avoid damage and construction delays.” Explains Cagatay Oezbay, founder and managing director of COEZBAY GmbH in Grunwald.

We can use Mixed reality systems to automatically recognize machines or people on the construction site. One receives suggestions on how to deal with the situation on the basis of this information. The 35-year-old entrepreneur says: “In bridge and road construction, mixed reality offers enormous potential”. And not only there. “In the future, numerous new fields of application will open up for Mixed Reality”, Oezbay expects.

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Founded in 2016, COEZBAY has set itself the goal of providing unique services and consulting in the areas of photogrammetry, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, professional 360° aerial and ground surveys, 3D and Thermal Scannings as well as 3D visualization services under one roof. The expertise spans more than 40 industries and all divisions, creating new solutions in an increasingly challenging digital world.

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